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Founded by former Federal Search and Rescue personnel in Canada, now attracts members and S.A.R teams across the globe   It now represents an international volunteer sea watch assistance 
for boaters helping other boaters in need through various means ... from alerting Coast Guard and other local and federal rescue professionals, to voluntarily rendering assistance at sea ... when no other help is around.

We are a dedicated group of boaters who recognize the importance of providing support at sea at the helm of our own vessels to provide support when professional help is not readily available. Remember, that your local, state / provincial or federal rescue professionals are responsible for formulating a Marine Search and Rescue.

Sailors who have personally experienced help from a SAR team response unit may not know the extent of the effort behind a search and rescue operation, but all show high gratitude when rescued at sea.

When time means everything, your online Float Plan represents a valuable search & rescue tool available to SAR agencies with easy, click of the mouse accessibility on desktop or a tap of the finger on mobile.

This site has been developed by former SAR professionals to help increase your chances of being found by Search and Rescue forces in your local waters and waters around the world who subscribe to internet service and in today's high technological world, most SAR groups do.
Your online Float Plan is not only designed for quick & easy access by SAR for the purpose of formulating a search & rescue operation for the safety of you & your passengers but also for the peace of mind of family and friends on shore who you entrust to report your vessel as over due to SAR forces if the situation arises.





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